Business Litigation

Business Litigation

Most businesses have in-house primary counsel who specialize in contracts, corporate and financial matters and personnel issues. However, when a business is compelled to sue another business for breach of contract, unethical conduct, or fraud, a business needs a strong business litigator to go up against a corporation's team of lawyers.

Accounting MalpracticeUnfair Business Practices
Business DisputesBraking System Failure
Contract DisputesInsurance Bad Faith
Entertainment DisputesIntellectual Property
Idea TheftService mark
Legal MalpracticeTrade secret
Real Estate LitigationCopyright
Securities FraudPatent

Our business law area encompasses the full range of commercial wrongdoings including:

To build a case, a plaintiff's firm must be able to do the following:

  • Financial Backing. If the case has merit, a plaintiff's firm will use financing to advance the cost of a trial.
  • Document Recovery. The Baseluos Law Firm is experienced in the area of document recovery. We are in a digital society, where the "smoking gun" is no longer a piece of paper but an e-mail or data pdf. The firm works with computer experts to recover data that your adversary tells us has been accidentally "deleted." There is no such thing as deleted data. An effective attorney works on organizing the data so it becomes the ultimate tool in front of a jury.
  • Courtroom Graphics. BLF understands today's juries and the value they put on the use of computer graphics in courtrooms. A plaintiff's attorney must be prepared to bring a high-tech edge to a case and set the standard in the courtroom.
  • Nationwide Network. The Baseluos Law Firm strives to partner with attorneys across many districts in the country.
  • Use of Experts. BLF draws on experts to use at trials in a wide range of areas including manufacturing, agriculture, restaurants, energy, and others.
  • Our Contingency Fee Arrangements. Unlike many firms, we believe in results and incentive to work, not the billable hour. Our clients carry less risk, because ultimately our fees are based on obtaining successful outcomes.

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"Mr. Baseluos is an excellent lawyer who kept my mother informed of all proceeding concerning her vaccine compensation case. I thank God for sending him to us. If you ever want a professional, reliable, trustworthy, and honest lawyer, make sure to give Mr. Michael Adly Baseluos a call at Baseluos law firm." Lydia, Client
"He is an excellent attorney. He dedicated much of his time to my case and always answered my questions in an timely manner. He made sure I understood the whole legel process from start to finish. I would recommend him as an attorney." Amanda, Vaccine Injury
"Great service & very professional. Will retain your services again if needed. Thank you so much for what you did for my son. Mr. Baseluos, thank you so much for your services that you provided for my son. Your services rendered is greatly appreciated." Mari