Car / Truck / Motorcycle Accidents

motor vehicle accident

Baseluos Law Firm represents victims of auto, truck, and motorcycle accidents from simple collisions to more complex accidents including:

  • SUVs
  • Rollover
  • Tire Blowout
  • Roof Crush
  • Seat Belt
  • Airbags
  • Door Latch Failure
  • 15-Passenger Vans
  • Fuel Systems
  • Sudden Acceleration Braking System Failure
  • Tire Tread Separation
  • Vehicle Fires
  • Wrongful Death
  • Personal Injuries:
    • Eye
    • Burns
    • Head
    • Spinal Cord: Paralysis, Paraplegic, Quadriplegic

In the area of Automobile Products Liability, Baseluos Law Firm investigates cases of victims who are severely burned by fuel tank explosions. In the area of defective tires, Baseluos Law Firm strives to challenge leading tire makers, including Goodyear, Cooper Tire, and Firestone. The firm represents victims of collisions, including rollovers of 15-passenger vans. These particular vehicles have come under greater scrutiny as a major public safety concern due to the high number of occupants and use for school and passenger transportation.

Illustrative Trial Techniques

In the most serious of cases, a strong automotive case demands the reenactments of rollovers and collisions of passenger vans, cars, and SUVs. Juries and judges have a better understanding of potential product designs that would have prevented victim's brain damage, paralysis, or death.

One of the most compelling aspects of strong trial evidence is showing a jury how manufacturers have the ability to produce safer cars and trucks, but don't. Baseluos Law Firm utilizes courtroom reenactments to portray malfunctions of seat belts and air bags that unfairly crush, blind and maim victims.

BLF hires automotive experts and enlists car equipment manufacturer whistleblowers to publicize automakers' negligence in their manufacture of fuel tanks and defective braking systems.

Compelling evidence. Powerful trials. Jury Impact. These are the building blocks for producing strong results for BLF's clients.

Financial Strength

A strong plaintiff's firm must have financial and intellectual resources, because our contingency fee arrangements forces the firm to bear upfront risks and costs. .

Powerful Experience

Our commitment to public safety and fostering a spirit of accountability are driving forces behind BLF's commitment to clients with vehicle and product-related injuries.

Have you been injured in a traffic accident or suffered personal injury of any kind through no fault of your own? BLF works on a contingency fee basis. There are no legal fees unless the firm secures a financial settlement or verdict for you.

It is to your advantage to enlist a personal injury lawyer to assist in the gathering of crucial facts after an accident. The early discovery makes it that much easier to build a stronger case for just compensation.

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