Client Reviews - Part 2

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Posted by a Former Client
March 21, 2019

Hands Down, #1 best attorney, no questions asked!

Client Review: I am forever grateful for the recommendation to hire Mike Baselous. Not only is he extremely versed and experienced in all procedures of the courts and the legal process, he legitimately cares!! We had a long, hard, very emotionally draining case, but he walked me and my family through it every step of the way and never gave up until we finally won our case. I felt secured in the fact that Mike was on our side, leading the way. He dedicated countless hours of research and hard work and preparation that made me and my family feel secure and hopeful that we would win our case, and we did!! I firmly believe that there is no one out there that could of or would of handled my case any better. I can’t give Mike a high enough recommendation!

- Former Client


Posted by Talya
November 15, 2018

Great Attorney

Client Review: We had a wonderful experience with Mike. He always kept us in the loop and did a fabulous job getting all the medical papers together. I would definitely recommend Mike. He is professional, kind and upfront.

- Talya


Posted by Eldian
October 2, 2018

Patient, reliable, fair!

Client Review: Michael was the most fair lawyer one can deal with in this business, he wants whats best for his client, follows through when you need him most and will get give you the most honest feedback in all legal matters, would hire him again

- Eldian


Posted by a Former Client
May 5, 2018

Best Attorney in Texas!!!

Client Review: Mr. Baseluos is one of the best attorney in Texas. When I walked in his office, had no idea what to do and did not expect anything about the out comes but, with his extreme beneficial and helpful assistance, I got outcome that beyond my expectation. He know exactly what his clients need and how to assist.

- Former Client


Posted by Mary
February 24, 2018


Client Review: I live in Lubbock, TX, and had a car accident November 30, 2016 with uninsured motorist that failed to yield ROW, and collided with me (T Boned). I was OK physically, but the car damages were > $2,600, and I was college student, with no ability to cover this cost myself.

Our State Farm agent highly recommended not filing claim, due to previous claims within my family account over past 3 years (I am on a family insurance account of 5).

I thought about contacting the uninsured motorist directly myself, but reconsidered thinking I would have better success with a formal request from a lawyer. I hired attorney Mike Baseluos, and I am soo happy I went this route. Mike was very professional, handling all communication, payments, and formal documentation with this uninsured motorist. Mike surely earned his money; setting up a quarterly payment plan with this person, and periodically addressing delinquent payments. After 12 months, we are finally done – I am so happy with the results/outcome working with Mike Baseluos.

- Mary


Posted by Lisa R.
January 10, 2018


Client Review: I can say my lawyer was awesome , I never had trouble to get in contact with him , he was always keeping me update , he was quick to getting me seen by the doctors, I didn't have trouble at all ever since I hired mr, baseluos, I recommend him 100%.

- Lisa R.


Posted by Maristella
January 8, 2018

Client Review: MR.Michael is a very awesome attorney who I definitely would recommend cause he took care of me and my kids while Going through a process however he is great with working you when it comes to communicating I say that cause some attorneys are rude from experience but he makes sure he gets with you right away. He's nice and has patience. I'm glad he was able to help me through my car accident case.

- Maristella


Posted by Marilyn S.
August 29, 2017

Client Review: Michael Baseluos is a great attorney he helped me by guided me on what paperwork I needed to pursue my case and he's professional he also kept me updated on my case changes. Mr. Baseluos also help me get a loan. I will recommend him to anyone who needs a good attorney thanks Marilyn Smith

- Marilyn S.


Posted by Betty M.
June 15, 2017

Client Review: We are so pleased with Mike Baseluos Attorney. He did exactly what he said he would do. He got a judgement that my husband has off our homestead so we can refinance our house. Thank you so much Michael. I would recommend him to be your lawyer.

- Betty M., Affidavit of Judgement


Posted by Jennifer
June 6, 2017

SIRVA and Frozen Shoulder

Client Review: Attorney Michael Baseluos was an excellent lawyer for my Shoulder Injury Related to Vaccine Administration (SIRVA) case. I developed Frozen Shoulder (Adhesive Capsulitis) after my annual 2014 flu vaccine. I hired him in 2015 after I received the diagnosis. My case was settled in 2017. He guided me through the tedious National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) so that I could receive compensation for activity (doctor visits, physical therapy, etc.) related to my shoulder injury. This included gathering all medical and prescription records before, during, and after I developed frozen shoulder and personal documentation of my symptoms from beginning to end. During this process, I even found medical records that were not accurate which were critical to my VICP case which he helped to verify and correct with the medical provider. I would not have had the strength or perseverance to complete this process without his assistance. He will stay with you and advise you from beginning until the end. I would highly recommend his assistance if you are in need of a VICP lawyer.

- Jennifer, Shoulder Injury


Posted by Ahmed
February 3, 2016

Client Review: Breach of contract case. Mr. Baseluos did an amazing job with my case. I had hired another attorney for a breach of contract case that seemed like an easy win. Not only did we lose, but I owed the defendant $2000. Mr. Baseluos was hired afterwards where we were able to negotiate a settlement. We were also able to avoid an appeal which saved me $500 and got the case dismissed so it wouldn't show up on my credit report. He was the only attorney that realized that I could have credit issues if the case wasn't dismissed. I want to thank Mike for all his hard work and will be referring to him for all my legal issues.

- Ahmed, Breach of Contract


Posted by Tony
June 3, 2014

Client Review: Mr. Baseluos is very approachable and he worked towards the desired outcome for me. He kept his word and arranged the best possible deal for me. I am so happy with his representation and encourage others to seek his services.

- Tony, Speeding Ticket


Posted by Manuel
January 26, 2016

Client Review: Thank you Michael! Michael was very responsive and effective and truly understood my needs. Even though my case was a "Rush", He managed to work my case into his busy schedule and did an outstanding job! He will be my "go to person" if I ever need someone else to represent my family's personal interest.

- Manuel, Personal Injury


Posted by Ashley
September 24, 2015

Client Review: #1 Lawyer. Michael Baseluos is the best attorney to have defend you. He dedicated everything he had to my brothers case, and after about 3 long years of fighting, he proved my brothers innocence and we are forever grateful. Some may under estimate Mr. Baseluos but he is a fighter and he stands up for what he knows is right and he doesn't let anyone intimidate him. I couldn't ask for a better lawyer to defend my brother!!! He is one of the best lawyers around and anyone would be lucky to have him represent them. Thank You Mr. Baseluos!!!!

- Ashley, Jury Acquittal / Not Guilty on 2nd Degree Sexual Assault


Posted by Amanda
September 13, 2015

Client Review: Excellent attorney. He is an excellent attorney. He dedicated much of his time to my case and always answered my questions in an timely manner. He made sure I understood the whole legel process from start to finish. I would recommend him as an attorney.

- Amanda, Vaccine Injury


Posted by Kevin
September 10, 2015

Client Review: Compassionate and dedicated Lawyer that's Mike! Mike, was a life saver, came into my grand daughter's case back in 2010. He works hard, and is diligent in his endeavor's, has his clients best interest throughout this long ordeal. But he never gave up, was always helpful and broke things down to be less complicated on how things were done, and what all we can do. I would highly recommend him for anyone needing his expertise. He also became a friend as well as just an attorney. Thanks Mike, we so appreciate you!

- Kevin, Vaccine Injury


Posted by Armando
September 1, 2015

Client Review: Mr. Baseluos is a great Lawyer and person as well! Mr. Baseluos handled my case with the best care I could as for. He made sure everything was right and double checked it all to ensure it was what I wanted. I was not able to be home for this, and he still got it done. I could tell my case was important to him. That's not always a given. I could not be more appreciative of him.

- Armando, Breach of Contract Claim


Posted by Brenda
March 5, 2014

Client Review: Mr. Baseluos, was real attentive to every single detail, he would explain exactly what was gonna be next. Kept me updated gave me the time not rushing things were you needed answers he was most considerate. I would definitely hire or work with him once again.

- Brenda, DUI Client


Posted by a Federal Regulation Client
June 6, 2013

Client Review: He is one of the few Vaccine injury lawyers recommended by Federal Programs in Texas. After talking to him, I found he is confident, easy to communicate, and experience in handling similar cases of my situation. His help in application, negotiation, court preparation and final judgment process is really appreciated. He is a conscientious, thoughtful, and trustworthy attorney.

- Federal Regulation Client


Posted by Mary Jane
April 18, 2013

Client Review: Mr. Baseluos took on my daughter's vaccine injury case after the case was rejected by other lawyers. He believed in his client, worked hard to collect the necessary info and stayed working on the case until the very end. He took on a challenge, was successful with it, and we appreciated all he did.

- Mary Jane, Personal Injury


Posted by a Speeding Ticket Client
March 15, 2013

Client Review: After a brief explanation, my attorney took the information and made the situation stress free for me. I was pleased with the communication and the ease for which the situation was handled.

- Speeding Ticket Client


Posted by Lydia
February 28, 2012

Client Review: Mr. Baseluos is an excellent lawyer who kept my mother informed of all proceeding concerning her vaccine compensation case. I thank God for sending him to us. If you ever want a professional, reliable, trustworthy, and honest lawyer, make sure to give Mr. Michael Adly Baseluos a call at Baseluos law firm.

- Lydia, Client


Posted by Sabrina
December 15, 2011

Client Review: He was very Trustworthy and keep me informed I will give him a 10. Thanks Mike.

- Sabrina, Divorce Client


Posted by Ed
November 8, 2011

Client Review: Thank you Mike! Mr. Baseluos was the only attorney, and we spoke to many, that was willing to help our family on a very complicated wrongful death case. He was exceptionally responsive to the numerous emails and calls throughout the course of this complex case and he was eventually able to negotiate a successful settlement to the case. Our family would not have been able to prevail without Mike's help and we would highly recommend his legal services to others in need.

- Ed, Wrongful Death Client


Posted by Jose
February 9, 2011

Client Review: I will not hesitate to recommend to my friends.

- Jose, Criminal Defense Client


Posted by Mari
October 19, 2010

Client Review: Great service & very professional. Will retain your services again if needed. Thank you so much for what you did for my son. Mr. Baseluos, thank you so much for your services that you provided for my son. Your services rendered is greatly appreciated.

- Mari


Posted by Jim and Candy
November 4, 2010

Client Review: We found Mr. Baseluos to be an extremely principled attorney who engaged the prosecution and the Judge in an aggressive but highly professional manner, representing his client's interest without hesitation or question. He advised our son on what to reasonably expect based on the information provided. His tireless efforts reduced the fines and required courses' costs by over $2000. Mr. baseluos took our son's case on less than one week's notice and was quick to respond to questions and coordinate actions with the county court. We would recommend Mr. Baseluos without hesitation. We will use Mr. Baseluos services in the future without question.

- Jim and Candy


Posted by Frank
August 7, 2010

Client Review: My son got himself in trouble for a serious offense that could have had a , negative impact on his future. With Mr. Baseluos' assistance my son was able to take responsibility for his actions, meet his fair restitution requirements, and obtain the help we all needed to heal our family. Mr Baseluos acted on my son's behalf to preserve his opportunity to move forward with his life without the undue hinderances from a mistake he made as an immature youth. I am fully satisifed that the interests of both my family and the community were well served. I would enthusiastically recommend Mr. Baseluos to anyone with a need for his services.

- Frank


Posted by a Contracts Client
April 26, 2010

Client Review: Mr Baseluos handled a conflict between the seller of a business venture and my buying it and later reselling it. The sales agreement drafted by the seller was very clear as to the terms of payment, but the seller interpreted the terms differently and decided to obtain legal consul to intimidate me into agreeing with his interpretation. I never met Mr Baseluos face to face. Everything was conducted over e-mail, and I loved it. I thought this was great because it saved a lot of time for both of us. After evaluating the documentation in question (everything scanned and e-mailed) Mr Baseluos contacted the other party's lawyer and all was put to rest. He kept me abreast of his actions and what he would need to do next. Copies of correspondence between his office and the other lawyer's office were immediately e-mailed to me so I was never kept in the dark as to what was going on or how things were being handled. I highly recommend Mr Baseluos as a capable and very able attorney-at-law.

- Contracts Client


Posted by Alonso and family
March 16, 2010

Client Review: Michael Baseluos was the only attorney that took the time to listen and review our case. He took us under his wing and stood beside us throught out the hole legal matter, and at the end resulting in victory. I want to Thank You Michael for everything you did, your hard work commiment to me and my family. Thank You Very much

- Alonso and family


Posted by Vanessa
March 16, 2010

Client Review: I first decided to use Mr. Baseluos based on the information on his website and was glad to see prior military service.I am not only a dependant wife of a retired Air Force Master Sergeant but I needed a lawyer that had experience with military medical records for my case. I have found Mr. Baseluos to be knowledgeable in his field and have appreciated his insight and instructions regarding my legal matter. My case specifically is not easy and involves a lot of research with medical records and small details,through his instructions and review of my records I feel that I am helping put together everything possible for the best outcome. Mr. Baseluos has continually kept me informed of any changes in my case and of any data that I may not have known to submit. Mr. Baseluos has been responsive to all of my questions and I am confident that he is the best person to represent my case.

- Vanessa


Posted by Sally
March 15, 2010

Client Review: I met Mr. Baseluos three months ago after I was arrested for DWI, he was my court appointed attorney. However, he turned out to be a God sent to represent me. My case was extreme, I would say. When I first met Mr. Baseluos, he made me feel comfortable during this time; which was a very tense, nerve racking time for me. His professionalism in the way he conducted himself gave me confidence in his ability to perform his duties well. His character as a caring, sensitive, honest, and being a good listener, really impressed me.

Mr. Baseluos stepped up and diligently took care of business. He worked very hard on my case, he stayed focused and kept me up to date with all the details every step of the way.

I never needed the services of a lawyer before, after seeing his work ethic, I will most definitely use him for other things and I highly recommend Mr. Michael Baseluos.

- Sally


Posted by Jonathan

Client Review: I must tell you, Mr. Baseluos, I am truly and duly impressed. I - very humbly and quite honored - thank you. You have done so very much when I asked so very little. It is my very fortuitous pleasure to be able to call you my lawyer. Should the need ever arise it is my plan and intention to retain you as my representative.

- Jonathan

Client Reviews
"Mr. Baseluos is an excellent lawyer who kept my mother informed of all proceeding concerning her vaccine compensation case. I thank God for sending him to us. If you ever want a professional, reliable, trustworthy, and honest lawyer, make sure to give Mr. Michael Adly Baseluos a call at Baseluos law firm." Lydia, Client
"He is an excellent attorney. He dedicated much of his time to my case and always answered my questions in an timely manner. He made sure I understood the whole legel process from start to finish. I would recommend him as an attorney." Amanda, Vaccine Injury
"Great service & very professional. Will retain your services again if needed. Thank you so much for what you did for my son. Mr. Baseluos, thank you so much for your services that you provided for my son. Your services rendered is greatly appreciated." Mari