Client Reviews


Posted by Justin
February 8, 2024

Professional work with great communication. Helped get my criminal case dismissed.

Client Review: During a custody battle i was accused of abusing my child. Mikael was extremely helpful in my fight against those charges, which were ultimately dismissed. I had shopped around with several different attorneys before finding Mr. Baseluos and the other attorneys I had spoken with were not as savvy with the law as is Mr. Baseluos. I highly recommend him.

- Justin


Posted by Janice
November 10, 2023

Excellent Attorney

Client Review: Mike worked hard on my case for over three years. He did not take no for an answer. His diligence and perseverance paid off

- Janice


Posted by Keara
July 7, 2023

Very communicative and professional

Client Review: Mike solved my case! I was denied by numerous lawyers previously, he took my case and sent me a ton of case law that bolstered my case. Very communicative and built me a strong case!

- Keara


Posted by Larnette
July 6, 2023


Client Review: I don't know where I would be at without Mr. Mike Baseluos legal help. Attempting to get answers about my vehicle rear-ended collision and insurance giving me the run around. Mr. Baseluos was AWESOME in getting the help needed. Again thank you and God bless you. You're Awesome....

- Larnette


Posted by Brandon
May 19, 2023

Amazing Facilitator.

Client Review: I can’t express in totality my appreciation for the person, performance, law acumen, truthfulness and guidance at every stage of my case by attorney Michael Baseluos. I never imagined that I’d ever need an attorney. However, life has a way of bringing challenges that demand the need for professionals in the field of law.

In 2017 I acquired CIDP an autoimmune disorder as the result of a flu vaccine. I had originally consulted with a different firm that marketed themselves as the industry leader in vaccine related injuries. Over the course of 2 years I was instructed by the firm that nothing else could be done and for me to abandon the case.

I was rather devastated, in that I was led to believe that we would easily settle the case. Now I was being asked to live with deficits caused by the vaccine. What I believe to be true is that once it was realized that a lot of work is involved in settling these types of cases, the other firm wasn’t up to the challenge.

I began calling and leaving messages for attorneys all across the USA to see if anyone would be willing to pick up the pieces of a case that had been fumbled for over 2 years.

Thankfully, Mr Baseluos returned my call and in short order began to lay out the plan and process with integrity, truthfulness and transparency. The acumen in which he utilized his craft in securing expert witnesses, utilizing videographers to display the depth of my deficits and in just keeping me calm in the midst of the storm was remarkable.

There were times when I wanted and pressed to hear what I wanted to hear in regard to the process.

Mr. Baseluos never wavered and always stayed true to the law with full transparency.. I’ve often said that he represented me as if he were representing himself. It really felt that it was indeed personal.

Through Mr. Baseluos reputation, expertise and guidance we were able settle my case. In which I am grateful. I don’t believe that anyone else could have or would have done what he did for my case, and for that I’m extremely thankful. I searched across the USA for a reputable, honest , knowledgeable attorney with integrity and acumen in the field of law. Only to find one in my backyard in San Antonio Tx.

There’s literally only one thing that I wish I had done differently. I wish that I’d consulted Mr. Baseluos on my team from day 1.

- Brandon, Vaccine Injury


Posted by Joann
March 29, 2023

Client Review: I had a very personal dispute involving a family matter. Mr. Baseluos listened to me and reviewed many documents and in just a few days ,he explained to me my options. It seemed pretty straight forward but my brother's attorney would not respond , but Mr. Baseluos did not give up and eventually got a response from my brother's attorney. Mr. Baseluo was kind, respectful and knowledgable. He guided me through the whole process and all parties finally agreed to a non-suit. I would highly recommend Mr. Baseluos. His retainer fee was reasonable for the work he had to put into the complex situation. He kept me updated on the time he spent on the case, so the billing matched with his time spent on the case. I would definately hire Mr. Baseluos again.

- Joann, Trust Dispute


Posted by Glenn
January 18, 2023

Tough Case But an Outstanding Result

Client Review: I am certain it was due to the talent, wisdom, and dedication of Mr. Baseluos that we won my case. It was difficult, long, and unique, but none of that hindered him.

I lost about half of my vision due to an autoimmune response to a vaccine and am now legally blind. There is a program to compensate vaccine injuries and I hired Mr. Baseluos to represent me through this vaccine court. I initially considered representing myself but now I know that would have been a failing effort. In the vaccine court, the government can be very contentious and petitioners with injuries are often unsuccessful because many cases can't be "proven" to satisfaction of the court. Mr. Baselous was familiar with the unique format of the vaccine court and the specialized rules for the program. He is one of the select attorneys listed as qualified to work in the program and, I believe, he's the only one in the San Antonio area.

During my case, the government argued especially aggressively against my claim. Previously, it had never been established whether or not the influenza vaccine could cause optic neuritis. Mr. Baseluos identified approximately 20 prior claims in the program and each of them had been settled with the government without any ruling as to whether the injury could be caused by the vaccine. Due to my young age, successful career, and significant injury, our claim was for a large sum of money - primarily lost future earnings. I believe this is why the government contested my claim whereas it settled with all who had come before me.

We had no specific precedence to rely upon but Mr. Baseluos assembled a team of extremely specialized experts on my behalf. This included a neuro-ophthalmologist from Baltimore, a renowned immunologist specializing in molecular mimicry from the University of Southern California, a radiologist specializing in eyes and brains, and others. Mr. Baseluos spent more than five years coordinating the efforts of this team to argue my case. He reviewed dozens of scientific reports from both parties as well as hundreds of referenced scientific studies. Ultimately, Mr. Baseluos presented a strong argument, based on extremely technical scientific data, and backed by an army of acclaimed medical and scientific experts, which showed that the influenza vaccine, through a process called molecular mimicry, is capable of triggering an autoimmune response that can lead to optic neuritis. The argument was so strong and complete that the court accepted it and rejected the counter-argument by the government and its scientific experts.

Mr. Baseluos set a precedence in the vaccine court. Unlike us, every following case of influenza vaccine induced optic neuritis will be able to point to a previous ruling in favor of the injured person.

During our arguments over financial damages, Mr. Baseluos was equally as committed and competent as he had been during our fight over causation. He brought aboard an expert accountant, a Medicare and medical insurance specialist, and other experts. The arguments over financial damages were frustrating to me because they seemed to be even more obvious than the causation, but Mr. Baseluos systematically refuted the government's arguments and, ultimately, we agreed to an amount of money I believe was fair.

During this case, Mr. Baseluos worked tirelessly on my behalf. We spoke late into the night regularly as he was finalizing reports or preparing for the multi-day hearings in the case. Mr. Baseluos was passionately devoted to my case. I cannot imagine another attorney being so invested or working so diligently.

He took on and beat the government, their scientific experts, and their limitless resources.

He set precedence in the vaccine court.

He steadfastly represented me for over half a decade.

In the end, my case was successful due to the preparedness and dedication of Mr. Baseluos and I am grateful to have found him.

- Glenn, Vaccine Injury


Posted by Mary
November 11, 2022

Great Attorney

Client Review: Mr. Baseluos was extremely knowledgeable regarding my case. He went above and beyond for me and always kept me up to date on all aspects of my case. Would not hesitate to recommend him.

- Mary


Posted by Ernest
October 26, 2022

Client Review: Mike Baseluos, I highly recommend. He was consistent and active throughout the process.

He made sure I got what I deserve when I was told by the builders. “You not getting your money back”.

But because of Mike he proved them wrong.

He will fight for you, with a Quickness!!

He work activity and quickly.

Thank you, Mike Baseluos.

- Ernest, Money Refund


Posted by a Personal Injury Client
October 26, 2022

Surpassed My Expectations.

Client Review: When It came to my injury I had absolutely no clue what to expect. I am so thankful I found Mr Baseluos as he was familiar with the Vaccination program and was able to walk me through my injury claim Process. I am extremely happy with the outcome and m my decision to use mr Baseluos.

- Personal Injury Client


Posted by Esequiel
June 25, 2022

Exceeds expectations

Client Review: Michael Adly Baseluos is a hard working lawyer! He kept my mother in the loop of everything he performed and executed. I highly recommend him to anyone. My mother at the age of 76 lost 75% of mobility on left shoulder after a pneumonia vaccine incident. We called Mike Baseluos and he took care of the rest. He's very professional, humble and easy to work with. Best lawyer in Texas!

- Esequiel, Vaccine Injury


Posted by Loretta
June 22, 2022

Highly Recommend

Client Review: Mr. Baseluous is a remarkable man and he will get things done. We had a tough situation dealing with a difficult company and in one phone call, Mr. Baseluous, was able to wrap up the problem and get things taken care of. We will certainly use his service again when needed.

- Loretta, Vaccine Injury


Posted by Maria
May 3, 2022

Amazing Attorney!

Client Review: We highly recommend, attorney Michael Baseluos. He has helped us with our case and kept us updated throughout the process until everything was taken care of. We always recommend him to all our family and friends for their legal needs.

- Maria


Posted by Jennifer
April 12, 2022

Amazing support

Client Review: Working with Mike B. Has made a difficult situation much easier. He always kept me in the loop. Consulted with me on all decisions and was a wealth of knowledge.

- Jennifer


Posted by Kevin
February 18, 2022

Excellent Real Estate Attorney

Client Review: Michael helped me out with drafting two documents (Special Warranty Deed and Agreement to Convert Separate Property to Community). He completed both in a very timely manner and I had no problems with document accuracy. Also when I had trouble filing one document with the Bexar County Appraisal (due to their error) he was able to get that issue squared away by demonstrating sternness and patience.

- Kevin, Real Estate Case


Posted by Dionna
January 5, 2022

Positive Recommendation

Client Review: I had a great experience with Attorney Baseluos starting from my initial telephone consultation, hiring him for his services throughout the entire litigation process. He was very professional, knowledgeable and confident about his profession. He took the time out to look up information to assist me with getting a greater settlement. He and I stayed in constant contact via email throughout the entire process. I would like to recommend Attorney Baseluos to any future prospective clients. He will work to make sure you received a fair settlement.

- Dionna


Posted by Stephanie
January 4, 2022


Client Review: I would recommend Mr. Busuelos 100%. He was amazing! He always kept me updated. He was able to do more than I would have imagined. I am very satisfied!

- Stephanie


Posted by a Former Client
June 26, 2021

The BEST Attorney in Practice

Client Review: Mr. Baseluos is by far the most professional, knowledgeable, and passionate attorney I have ever met. My case was very complicated and he navigated gracefully through the different parties involved to get to the bottom of things. His prices were very reasonable considering his work ethic and quality.

- Former Client


Posted by Janvi
June 2, 2021

Excellent lawyer

Client Review: Excellent service received during my divorce. Everything was made clear and understandable especially as I had no previous experience of dealing with this type of situation.

Mike Baseluos was professional, approachable and extremely good at keeping you informed at every step of the process.

- Janvi


Posted by Chun
February 18, 2021

Very professional

Client Review: MIke is very professional to answer each of my questions and provided workable solutions to my situation.

- Chun


Posted by Esmeralda
January 29, 2021

The BEST!!!

Client Review: Mr Baselous went beyond and above to help amend a decree my own previous lawyer refused to amend. Not only did Mike fix the issue BUT he managed to have the previous lawyer pay for Mr Baseluos attorney fees. Mike listens and executes on your behalf. Now I know what a good lawyer is. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

- Esmeralda


Posted by Alba
May 5, 2020

Highly recommend!

Client Review: Mr. Baseluos was very attentive to our medical situation from day 1 ! As a mother , I worried about my son who was diagnosed with GBS. I needed help with the case . I called him he was very kind, professional and respectful. He always stayed in contact with me to inform me about the case . He did a great awesome job and helped with my claim for the flu vaccination injury. I highly recommend Ms. Baseluos. Thank you Mr. Baseluos!

- Alba


Posted by a Former Client
December 22, 2019

Very sincere and professional! Highly recommended!

Client Review: Mr. Baseluos was recommended to me in order to get his assistance for relief in a stressful financial situation. He was very clear in explaining my options and instructions with debt relief and handled all correspondence for me to get the best outcome. He kept me informed of every detail with updates every step of the way. Any concerns I had were taken into sincere consideration and his replies were given to me immediately. I am extremely satisfied with his results and professionalism. I highly recommend his services because peace of mind was felt with him representing me. Hopefully I'll never need a lawyer again but if I do, he is on speed dial.

- Former Client


Posted by a Former Client
November 5, 2019

Great Lawyer

Client Review: Thank you for being there when others said no. Your communication skills are impressive. You kept me informed on all matters concerning my case. I thank you for your great work. You are doing great things in your profession. When you keep the people first it matters. Thank you so much!!

- Former Client


Posted by a Personal Injury Client
July 30, 2019

Excellent, hard-working and honest

Client Review: Mr. Baseluos represented me and my family in a personal injury lawsuit for injuries we sustained in a car accident. I was referred to Mr. Baseluos by a friend who was an experienced insurance defense attorney who respected the thoroughness of Mr. Baseluos' work. Mr. Baseluos worked tirelessly on our behalf and helped us resolve our cases fairly. He is a skilled attorney and negotiator. He is experienced and knowledgeable. He was also great at keeping in communication with us about the status of our case. I highly recommend attorney Mike Baseluos!

- Personal Injury Client


Posted by a Former Client
May 12, 2019

Kinda and very professional

Client Review: He was very good at communicating with me about my case. He worked hard and I believe he did everything he could to get me the best settlement. I am very happy with the outcome of my case.

- Former Client

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