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Baseluos Law Firm (BLF) does represent clients in San Antonio misdemeanor criminal defense cases in Bexar County and surrounding counties. The firm is very aggressive in pursuing all available defenses against a myriad of alleged crimes including DWI, theft, trespassing, and drug offenses. The attorney will interview the client immediately in the course of representation, and we will seek to obtain all information in the District Attorney's file.

From there, the law firm explores all options. We will never tell a client to accept a plea. The bottom line is that a criminal defense attorney must be willing to take a case to trial. Otherwise, prosecutors become very smart at figuring out the defense attorney who is bluffing. Prosecutors who sense fear are less likely to compromise on parameters with wide ranges such as fines, probation time, and downgrading of Class A and Class B misdemeanors.

No one is above being wrongfully prosecuted - it happens all the time. What you need to know to give your criminal defense attorney a fighting chance is the following Criminal Bill of Rights. Keep this language on a piece of paper in your wallet and refer to it any time you are stopped.


My lawyer has told me NOT to talk to anyone about my case, NOT to answer questions, and NOT to reply to accusations.


Call my lawyer if you want to ask me any questions, search me or my property, or do any tests or other ID procedures.


Do you know how many accused people fail to follow the simple instructions above ? They talk to people about their case, specifically the arresting officer. They answer questions posed them by legal authorities and they reply to accusations.

They unwittingly consent to searches despite their constitutional right to refuse. They take tests not knowing that such tests are designed to enhance the appearance of guilt.

Perhaps there is a little part in all of us that thinks, “Well, if I just do what they tell me, then they shall see it as one big mistake and let me go.” Unfortunately, that is wrong.

For example, when an officer tells you, "Ok, just between you and me, do you think you have had too much to drink?" , what the officer neglects to tell you is that there is a camera and voice recorder that is recording everything including what you say. There is no such thing as "Just between you and me".

The officer is certainly not your friend. From the moment he comes into contact with you, his objective is to build a case for the Bexar County and greater San Antonio Texas District Attorney to file against you. Period. The more you talk and the more you move around allow the officer to do just that.

If you have been charged with a criminal offense in Bexar County or San Antonio, you must contact a San Antonio Bexar County criminal defense attorney immediately.

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