Employment Law

Employment Law

An employee injured by workplace wrongful termination, harassment, discrimination or retaliation does not have the visible injuries of an auto accident, but their injuries are real and destructive.

Baseluos Law Firm holds employers accountable for illegitimate, unlawful treatment of employees in various areas including:

Age Discrimination
Americans with Disabilities Act
Civil Rights Act
Contract Disputes
Diversity and Class Actions
Race Discrimination
Sexual Harassment
Wrongful Termination
Gender Discrimination

One of biggest challenge of employment cases such as whistleblower retaliation and sexual harassment dismissals is that success rests upon the credibility of the victim versus everyone else. The firm works to paint the true credibility of our clients against Fortune 500 companies and major corporations in a wide range of industries including financial, health, automotive, real estate, construction, high technology and insurance.


Time, finance, and skill are attributes absolutely essential to aggressively represent employees in their claims.

Baseluos Law Firm offers pre-termination advice to workers who suspect an unjust firing is imminent. Our objective is to give clients the maximum protection should legal action be necessary after termination.

In Court

When employers and their counsel understand that they face determined and skilled plaintiff’s counsel, injured employees will receive higher recoveries in their employment cases.

In many employment lawsuits, computer and accounting forensic evidence is needed to substantiate the client's claims. This type of evidence can be expensive, time consuming, and highly technical. Baseluos Law Firm understands that a jury needs to understand this information in a way that is presented persuasively and in a simple to understand manner. BLF uses exhaustive and innovative trial techniques and technology.

If you believe you have grounds for an employment lawsuit, contact the Baseluos Law Firm today to discuss your legal options.