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Injection PhotoBaseluos Law Firm (BLF) has been advocating for individuals throughout the United States who have contracted Guillain Barre Syndrome from the flu vaccination (as well as other vaccinations including TDaP). GBS is a debilitating neurological disorder linked to vaccination. GBS is characterized by numbness, tingling, and paralysis. Recovery can often be incomplete, leaving victims with permanent foot drop, numbness, temperature sensitivity, and excess fatigue among other residual symptoms.

As an attorney who has filed multiple GBS claims in the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP), Michael Baseluos has achieved sizeable awards of several hundred thousand dollars for each of his GBS clients. See our GBS vaccine injury results.

Here are just a few of the GBS vaccine injury testimonials from our clients.

The VICP is an excellent program for GBS victims, because the program pays attorney fees and costs separate from the award of monies (no contingency fees), even if the claimant is not successful ! Moreover, GBS cases are proceeding much more quickly in the VICP than similar cases in the past. Specifically, the Federal Court of Claims is recognizing the link between vaccination (particularly influenza / flu vaccine) and GBS. Cases are proceeding particularly quickly where GBS onset occurs within 2-6 weeks of vaccination with no prior upper respiratory or gastrointestinal illness prior to GBS onset.

Intradermic NeedleOne should not assume that their GBS injury is not compensable if the onset occurred outside the classic timeframe (for example, 1 week after vaccination) or where there may be another contributory factor such as gastrointestinal or upper respiratory illness. Each case is different and it is critical that an attorney and his experts review all medical records and account for all favorable factors pointing toward vaccination as the primary cause of the GBS. Michael Baseluos employs excellent experts including neurologists, immunologists, and toxicologists who are well versed in vaccine causation.

Having an attorney who can advocate effectively for your GBS injury damages is also extremely critical. Baseluos Law Firm works hand in hand with clients to make sure they receive medical care that demonstrates the lingering disabilities they will have after GBS recovery. Too many times, clients lose out on additional compensation, because they do not understand the evidence needed to maximize damages under the VICP. Under the VICP, a GBS victim can receive up to $250,000 for past and future pain and suffering; unlimited compensation for past and future loss of income; and unlimited compensation for past and future out of pocket medical costs. Although we do not work on a contingency basis, we still work as hard as possible to make sure you get every penny of compensation needed to take you through life.

BLF handles cases on a nationwide basis. It is not necessary to retain an attorney in your local area, especially if the attorney is not familiar with vaccine injury cases. The cases are filed with the Federal Court of Claims in Washington DC. Much of the communications through the Vaccine Court is via teleconference and e-mail. We have worked and obtained sizeable awards for clients without ever physically seeing them (although traveling and meeting with clients throughout the county is not a problem). We communicate and keep clients informed every step of the way. In the event causation is contested, a hearing is held in the home locality of the petitioner, and all court personnel, attorneys, and experts travel to the hearing, so you do have to worry about going anywhere!

If you have a vaccine injury, DO NOT DELAY. There is a strict statute of limitations, and you will be barred if you do not file a petition on time. A well-qualified attorney familiar with Court of Claims is an invaluable asset.

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"Mr. Baseluos is an excellent lawyer who kept my mother informed of all proceeding concerning her vaccine compensation case. I thank God for sending him to us. If you ever want a professional, reliable, trustworthy, and honest lawyer, make sure to give Mr. Michael Adly Baseluos a call at Baseluos law firm." Lydia, Client
"He is an excellent attorney. He dedicated much of his time to my case and always answered my questions in an timely manner. He made sure I understood the whole legel process from start to finish. I would recommend him as an attorney." Amanda, Vaccine Injury
"Great service & very professional. Will retain your services again if needed. Thank you so much for what you did for my son. Mr. Baseluos, thank you so much for your services that you provided for my son. Your services rendered is greatly appreciated." Mari